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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) expertise is a core, and well established service provided by REMO. Our M&E services are offered based on the five forms of evaluation below.

  1. Proactive Evaluations; Focus on synthesis of projects, we conduct research into needs for interventions through needs assessments, baseline studies and research synthesis into evidence-based best practices. This aspect of our services integrates the inception, design and development of strategic plans for public and private organisations.
  2. Clarificative Evaluations; Aimed at clarifying project designs, we use ex-ante evaluation methodologies to analyze project designs by reviewing project strategies and plans and developing professional hard and/or automated M&E systems and program logic models.
  3. Interactive Evaluations; These are primarily directed at improving project operations, we conduct interactive evaluations that assess organizational efficiency and effectiveness and provide advisory services for performance enhancement.
  4. Monitoring Services; through qualitative and quantitative tools such as component analysis, devolved performance assessment and systems analysis, we provide checking, refining and activity audits to ensure projects and programs are on track in reaching their target populations with their intended objectives.
  5. Impact Evaluations; conducted at the end of projects we provide objectives-based, needs-based, goal-free and process-outcome evaluations that inform projects to what extent they have been implemented for purposes of learning and accountability.