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  • Market Research

    As a strategic consultancy with deep roots in research, we believe the most innovative business solutions are inspired by customers’ stories. REMO brings those stories to life by integrating several research disciplines for unique impact.

    1. Qualitative Research; REMO has a qualitative team with an abundance of traits that facilitate an intuitive understanding of human behavior. Our researchers’ innate skills have been strengthened by the rigor and discipline of their academic training in social science and design research. It’s also why we’re able to tackle projects that range from exploratory to tactical, that tie attitudes directly to behaviors, and that unlock core truths about people that can help drive businesses forward.
    2. Quantitative Research; REMO specializes in what we call Data-Driven Storytelling – the art of turning numbers into compelling narratives about your customers.
    3. Project Planning and Management

      REMO is a professional project management consultancy firm with knowledge and experience in the specialized area of assisting organizations to improve their practice of project, program and/or portfolio management. We also focus on areas including the supporting environment and necessary leadership that enables projects and programs to accelerate the implementation of an organizations’ strategy and the achievement of business results. Under REMO’s project management facility line we provide various services including;

      1. Development Planning; REMO performs feasibility and conceptual studies for different social and economic fields.
      2. Conceptual design; We provide the best pragmatic and technological solutions to client’s needs at optimized costs. We perform modeling and development, strategic planning and feasibility studies plus basic project and program design packages.
      3. Welcome to REMO...

        Research Moguls (REMO) is a regional consultancy firm that specializes in high-quality strategic advisory services in the areas of social and economic research and development, project planning and management and market research.